Jul 20, 2011

50% off, BOGO? Couponing Answers

What's the difference between 50% and BOGO when it comes to coupon usage?
When I first started using coupons, there was a deal for 50% a men's razor (cannot remember the brand), I had BOGO coupons so I was thrilled!  I had heard of people getting stuff for FREE and was quite sure that this was my opportunity!  WRONG!

50% is just that, 50% off each item.  Let's say the razors in my scenario were $10; 50% off would make them $5 each.  I paid $5 or $2.50 each.  I was bummed!

What I didn't know way back when was when you use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale THAT results in 2 free items.  I just assumed 50% off was 50% off and got overzealous.  Oh well, chalk it up to learning.

For my new followers, the way a BOGO works on a BOGO sale is:
You Buy One to Get One; look at it as the store offering you a FREE item AND the manufacturer offering you a FREE item.  Your coupon is payment for your "Buy One".
You will, however always have to pay tax.

Hope this helps!

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