Jul 20, 2011

Dude, where's my discount?

I actually live by this:
Please make sure that you are ALWAYS looking at the totals as they ring up.  Plan ahead and make sure that you know approximately what you will pay OOP!
There is nothing more frustrating, for you and the cashier, than getting halfway out of a store only to realize that your totals don't quite add up.

Take Walgreens for example.  This past week, they had a Dove Men's Care Deal, 4/$15.  I had, like many of you a BOGO coupon.  What I did notice was my items were ringing up as $6.24 x 2 and $1.26 x 2 instead of $3.75 each.  This is not cool at all! WHY?  Because the BOGO comes off of the lowest priced item!  Had I not paid attention, I would have been overcharged.... huge bummer!  

($5 Gift Card for Target to the 1st person who e-mails bebelliesblog@gmail.com with the name of the store shown in the picture above)

Lesson learned.... check your totals, before you leave!

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