Jul 26, 2011

Walmart Policy Clarification Clarification (not a typo)

I have seen this circulating the blogs today, it originated from iheartthemart.com (which is an AWESOME Walmart match up site).

I have a few issues with this, mainly because I have called 4 stores in my area and have tried to speak with corporate.  Here are the responses:

Store #1 (Store Manager): "Ummm... Let me go and check.  Hold please." (3 minutes later) "Uh huh (meaning no), I didn't get an e-mail from corporate. Sorry..... WAIT! Ma'am, what does it say?", I explained and she replied "No way, we don't take coupons on a BOGO match up."

My commentary on this call:
OK, she didn't get the e-mail BUT when she stated they don't take coupons on a BOGO match-up I had to stop myself from explaining anything and remind myself that I am on the phone, in person I would've whipped out the policy but I had more calls to make.

Store#2 (Store Manager): "Man, who told you we got a memo. There are some snitches in management. (Laughing) Hold on a minute and I'll double check." (2 minutes later) "No, I'm sorry.  I didn't get an e-mail from corporate regarding coupons or BOGO."

My commentary:
I have none.... this was very straight forward, hoping they all go this was, except with a confirmation.

Store #3 (Store Manager): I got through my explanation and question while hearing him take very deep and bored breaths on the line.... finally he says: "Nope. No memo." "Can I help you with anything else?"

My commentary:
This guy wouldn't know anything because he wasn't listening, I know him well as I've interacted with him on a few occasions.... wishing I didn't ask for these to be so straightforward:-)

Store #4 (Assistant Store Manager- Store Manager was at lunch): "I saw those posted today on this website I follow!", "I was all excited to shop after my shift but I asked Deidre (store manager) when I came in and she checked her e-mail. There wasn't anything from corporate to our store. Sorry!"

My commentary:
She was a breath of fresh air.  No I didn't hear what I wanted to hear BUT she was super cool!

Corporate: ...NADA... I was on hold until my cell died.

All in all, I have a feeling this is regional and maybe something to look forward to BUT remember, this isn't a policy change, just a clarification of policy confusion!

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