Sep 10, 2011

BUY Local~ Join a Co-Op OR at least check one out!


My family and I recently became members at Homegrown - Central Florida's Local Co-op.
I love this because as part of the Bebellies family, 
we are committed to buying local, fresh and organic when it's possible.  Homegrown makes it easy and coupons make it possible!

While Homegrown does not accept coupons, I use coupons on EVERYTHING else that we buy which means that I have some extra money that I can now save and/or spend on foods that we know are healthier for us!
Get fresh food from over 50 local producers through one convenient online ordering system. From farm to your table the same day through home delivery or pickup in Downtown Orlando.
If you are interested in becoming a member, 
head on over HERE to check them out... 
actually check them out anyway because they ROCK!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can order online and get it delivered to my house??? And these are local farmers? I have to see it to believe it.