Oct 1, 2011

CVS $2 ExtraCare Bucks

Head on over here and pledge to NOT be a “MoneyTrasher”  (just throwing away those Ecb’s instead of using them!) and you’ll receive a $2 Ecb reward to use at CVS!  This is only available to the first 500,000 by 11/1 so be sure to pledge now!  You’ll receive your $2 Ecb reward sent to your Inbox within 24 hours!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bebellies!!! Since I pledged not to waste money and started using Bebellies bargains my family has saved over $3000. That's a big chunk of money!

Anonymous said...

I have 5 children between 3 and 15 and I absolutely love couponing with Bebellies Bargains. My family saves about $140/week using coupons more effectively. I have been using coupons for years but now you guys have perfected the discount, I love Bebellies!!!