Oct 17, 2011

What’s THAT in your Play Doh?

Yesterday my sister and her friend came over and were playing Play Doh with my 4 year old.  They made some quite miserable designs (I am far more talented in the molding department), squished some ‘doh’ through the Play Doh Ice Cream maker, rolled it into little balls and while I pray it didn’t happen…. possibly tasted it too.  I wasn’t paying super close attention because I was busy chopping and squishing dinner together.

Let’s flash forward to clean up and not discuss my botched dinner: I went over and started mashing all the colors into one container because they were all mixed up and it is starting to dry out anyhow so…. who cares if I mix it?!?!? I’ll just buy more…. BUT then I stopped and squinted my eyes to focus because I knew that I couldn’t actually be seeing what my brain said I was seeing.

Yep!  I was looking at a real live maggot!  A maggot in the Play Doh!

Holy spit!  I threw it all into a garbage bag… toys and all.  I was/ am so disgusted!

How does a maggot get into the Play Doh?  Has this ever happened to anyone else?

When my husband got home, he pulled it all out of the bag and inspected it piece by piece and chunk by chunk.  We didn’t see any other live maggots but we did find, in the blue Play Doh, a drier than the rest ball with a lot of white specks on it…. eggs? Maybe?  I’m not sure.  We stuck it in a Ziploc baggie to see.

So…. I took to the internet.  I went right to Hasbro’s site and wrote an e-mail explaining what had happened and asking if this has ever been reported by any one else.  I don’t expect to get an entirely honest or even caring reply back but I do expect a reply.  I wrote this e-mail at 11:30 last night and still haven’t heard back.  What, do you feel, is an appropriate waiting period before completely blasting their complaint department?  I’m thinking 48 hours BUT the subject of my e-mail was: MAGGOTS in my PLAY DOH!!! I’m hoping THAT alone would signal for someone to pay attention.

I am now swearing off Play Doh for the time being… we’ll make the switch to Moon Dough which I like better anyway as far as clean up goes but really, in the end, there is nothing quite like the creations made with Play Doh and Legos!

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