Nov 13, 2011

Day 1 of Pinterest

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? 

It’s my new hobby!  It’s where I find myself when I am at a loss but somehow it brings me back, inspires me!


I <3 Mason Jars

The fact that I <3 Mason Jars has actually been lost on me for awhile until… YEP!  Pinterest reminded me just how cool Mason Jars are! Check this out for inspiration:


Time capsule

Wonderful and easy idea to store all your family memories in a glass jar, from movie tickets, up to clips, photos, tickets, coins or toys.

You can leave it open throughout the year to go poking objects and once on 31 December, close it and start another one or other possibility is to ask to all the members empty their pockets and poking the objects in the capsule the last day of the year.

It is a beautiful memory that you can place in a shelf of the house finish it with a family photo of the same year.

Thank you, Inspiration and original craft ideas for weddings, celebrations, infant or adult parties, treats and gifts, home decoration, cards, personal accessories and templates for your crafts and stuff for this!


Pinned Image


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Pinterest ROCKS!

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