Nov 15, 2011

No More Rack- INSANITY DEALS: iPads for $43.20, 52” HDTV for $59.96 and more all throughout this month!!!


Have YOU heard what NO MORE RACK is doing?!?!?

It’s possibly the BEST marketing I can think of other than FREE stuff! They are introducing an exciting new concept called "Insanity Deals”.

Insanity Deals give you the opportunity to buy the hottest products on the market at SUPER discounts ranging from 80% to 95% off!!!

Items are sold in limited quantities and are randomly added throughout the day. You will need to check back often to see if an Insanity Deal has gone live. I have bookmarked No More Rack so I can refresh throughout the day, I recommend doing the same!!!! 

You can spot an “Insanity Deal” easily by “The Purple Box”:


A purple box will replace one of the regular 9 daily deal boxes, as soon as the Insanity Deal sells out, it will be replaced by the regular daily deal.

There is no set amount of items sold a day. Some days they might sell many items at once, some days 1 every hour, and other days they may not sell any at all. They do guarantee that they will sell at least 30 of each item and 1,000 total items this month.

I’m totally crossing my fingers for an iPad or an e-reader!!!!

If you are already a member of No More Rack,head on over otherwise you can join by clicking HERE.

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