Nov 15, 2011

Will you add Google Offers to your Groupon & LivingSocial subscriptions?


What do you think?  Personally, I love Daily Deal sites and adding another to the competition is GREAT for me!!!  What do you think?

Google Offers debuted in Orlando today.  It’s another Daily Deals site, in case you haven’t yet heard about it.

This from the Orlando Sentinel:

The daily deals program from Google Offers is available in 24 cities. Today they also launched in Phoenix, Ariz. and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Eric Rosenblum, Google Offers Director of Product Management, said Orlando had been selected as a participating city earlier, but Google first wanted to build a subscriber base and have merchants lined up for the daily deals.

"Orlando ranks very highly because of the size of its market and vibrant business community," Rosenblum said.

Google Offers launched in June in Portland, Oregon. Similar to other daily deals sites, the program targets users with limited-time-only deals (discounts of 50 percent or more) based on their interests.
The search engine giant's daily-deal program comes at the time when the market is already saturated with others like
Groupon, LivingSocial and AmazonLocal, which crowd users' emails with discounts for spa treatments, teeth-whitening offers, pottery classes, and other offers.

Unlike those daily-deal programs, Rosenblum said Google Offers is about giving users discounts "at the right time and with more relevance."

Users can subscribe to Google Offers and they'll email deals from local businesses. A user can purchase the deal directly through the Google Offers site and receive a confirmation email with a link to the voucher.

The voucher can be printed and redeemed at the featured business.

Users can also sign up for Google Offers on their smartphone. Rosenblum said Google Offers also has an app in the Android Market.

Thank you, Walter Pacheco at OS for the article!

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