Jan 16, 2012

Extreme Couponing- The Kardashian Way?!?!?

Bebellies’ Bargains

I was thrilled to see what this video was all about because I LOVE couponing but I also love to watch the Kardashian Klan! <- I’m not alone here, am I?

Anyhoodles, I went from totally cracking up as I remembered my 1st days of learning to use coupons…. I too remember going straight to The Krazy Coupon Lady (I believe she had just been on “that new coupon show” on TLC), I then got to watch Kourtney’s fam tell her that couponing is for losers!  That totally infuriates me to no end!  Couponing is absolutely NOT for losers!

A loser is some one, in my eyes, who has no drive, who insults people, who takes life for granted.  Much like the men in this clip!

Check it out… come back and share your thoughts!

Are you as pissed as I am about this?

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