Jun 28, 2011

***HOT***Orlando Sentinel SPECIAL Rate

I'm reposting this because I just got an e-mail stating that the deadline for the special rate may end sooner than July 4 per the Orlando Sentinel.  I will keep you updated but if you're thinking about subscribing... now's the time.

If you don't already subscribe to the Orlando Sentinel... NOW is a great time to start!  For just $21.07, you'll get ALL the Wednesday and SUNDAY coupon inserts sent directly to your house!!!  No more running to the store to get the paper!  AND if you sign up for the 13 week Wed through Sun delivery, you'll receive a $15 GIFT CARD to PUBLIX!!!!  Making the price just $6.07 (after gift card)!!!

This is a special offer running only until 11:59pm est on July 4, 2011 !  Hurry and order yours today!  Again... I recommend ordering at least 4 but you can order up to 6!  
AND... yes!  You'll get a $15 Publix Gift Card for EVERY subscription!!!!

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