Jul 12, 2011

August All You Magazine

If you haven't heard about All You, it's a budget friendly monthly magazine that you can get ONLY via subscription or at Walwart.
The greatest thing about All You is the coupons!!!
Lot's of them.  Every month, you get between $50 and $100 worth of HOT, usually high value coupons.

If you haven't subscribed, you totally should!

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These are the coupons you'll find in August's Magazine (should hit WalMart's shelves on July 18, 2011)

60 Seconds FeatureBuy One, Get One Free ($2.97 value)9/30/09
Baked! Lay's¨ Southwestern Ranch Crisps$1.00 
Birds Eye¨ Frozen Vegetables$1.009/18/09
Brut Antiperspirant & Deodorant$0.559/30/09
Brut Cologne & After Shave$1.009/30/09
Carnation¨ Instant Breakfast EssentialsÂȘ$1.0011/20/09
Cottonelle Moist Wipes$1.009/30/09
Cottonelle Toilet Paper$0.509/30/09
DOLE Fruit Bowls¨$1.0012/31/09
DOLE All Natural Fruit Jars$0.7512/31/09
Fast Fixin'¨ Breakfast$0.751/1/10
Fast Fixin'¨ Frozen Chicken$0.751/1/10
General Mills Kid Cereals$1.0010/15/09
Genesis Today Acai Berry Juice$1.0011/30/09
Glade¨ Fabric & Air Odor EliminatorBuy any Glade¨ Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator, get one FREE (up to $4.00)10/31/09
HORMEL¨ COMPLEATS¨ Microwave MealsBuy One, Get One Free (up to $3.35 value)10/19/09
Jack Link's Buffalo Chicken NuggetsFREE ($7.67 value)9/30/09
Knorr Rice and Pasta$0.50 off two (2)9/8/09
Kozy Shack¨ Pudding$0.55 off 112/31/09
Little Lender's or 100 Calorie Bagels$0.50 off any one (1)10/31/09
Neutrogena¨ Cosmetics$3.00 off any 1 item purchased9/18/09
OXY¨$1.00 off any OXY¨ product1/1/10
Sea Breeze$1.00 off the purchase of one bottle8/31/09
Purina¨ Healthy MorselsÂȘ$2.009/30/09
Sally Hansen¨ La Cross¨$1.009/30/09
Sea Breeze$1.00 off the purchase of one bottle8/31/09
Schick¨ Quattro for Men$4.009/18/09
Schick¨ Quattro for Women$4.009/18/09
Schick¨ Disposables$1.009/18/09
Smithfield Ham$1.00 off any one9/30/09
Spearmint Eclipse¨ GumBuy One, Get One Free ($1.39 value)9/30/09
Splenda with Fiber¨$1.0010/31/09
The Fragrance Collection by Glade¨$3.00 off any10/31/09
Tyson¨ Frozen Breaded Bagged product$1.0010/31/09
Visine¨ Eye Drops$2.00 off any 112/31/09
Weight Watchers¨ Smart Ones¨ Frozen MealsFREE Weight Watchers¨ Smart Ones¨ Dessert ($2.00 value)9/30/09
White Castle Cheeseburgers$0.5011/21/09

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