Aug 2, 2011

BREAKING NEWS:Unconfirmed Policy Change for CVS- How does it affect you?

I have read several other bloggers state that CVS has changed their policy regarding coupon usage specifically on BOGO sales and with BOGO coupons.

I headed over to Simply CVS to see what she had to say and found this:

These are the policy words that were read to DealLovingDiva by CVS over the phone:

Example #1)  If an item is on sale at CVS for $5.99 BOGO, can a 
customer use 2 x $3/1 MQs against the sale to make both items FREE?

Answer:  NO, the consumer may only use 1 MQ, and 1 applicable store coupon for this sale. The 2 items will ring up as ONE purchase, and will attach. Therefore, you may NOT use 2 MQs, as that would be too many.

Example #2)  If soap is on sale at CVS for $5.99, can the customer use a BOGO free MQ and a $3/1 MQ against this to make them both $3.00?

Answer:  NO, the consumer may NOT use 2 together on this single purchase (even though there are technically 2 items), you may chose one or the other (either the BOGO MQ OR $3/1 MQ.... NOT the BOGO MQ w/ 1 - $3/1 MQ TOGETHER). The BOGO MQ is going to attach 2 items as one purchase in the register.

Example #3)  If CVS has a BOGO sale on soap for $5.99, can a customer use a BOGO MQ for soap making them BOTH FREE?

Answer- YES, the consumer may use a BOGO MQ against the CVS BOGO sale on soap to receive BOTH items free of charge, and pay applicable state tax.

I rarely shop at CVS since there is a Walgreens and Publix directly across the street that are less complicated for me:-)
How does this affect you?  Have you seen this rolled out in your store yet?

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