Aug 31, 2011

Walgreens Gatorade Deal, past and present

I posted this photo on Facebook this morning and have received a few e-mails asking me why I didn't post the "better" Gatorade deal last week.  
My answer is quite simply this:
I will never knowingly exploit a 'glitch' in any retailer's system.  
The deal glitch last week was this:
Buy 1 Gatorade Perform for $1.59, receive a catalina for 1 FREE Gatorade Prime AND 1 FREE Gatorade Recover.  The 'glitch' was, when you redeemed the catalina for the 2 FREE products, another catalina would print with the exact same deal.  
In theory, you could go get 2 more FREE items, print another catalina and do it all over again and again and again and..... well you get the idea.
I saw a lot of sites and Facebook status' bragging that they received up to 50 free items for one $1.59 purchase.
Walgreens noticed the error and completely stopped the catalina machine from printing any free coupons for the rest of the week.  They have worked out the error and now the deal is:
Buy 1 Gatorade Performance at $1.59, receive a catalina for 1 FREE Gatorade Prime AND 1 FREE Gatorade Recover; quite an AWESOME deal in my book!!!

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