Sep 10, 2011

Jolly Time Popcorn FB giveaway

Head on over to Jolly Time HERE, like them and hopefully they reach 30, 000 fans by 
September 19 (they are at 23,241 right now).  
They will giveaway FREE popcorn on September 20 IF and ONLY IF they hit 30,000 fans!
"JOLLY TIME is running the Like-O-Meter and clicking away to reach 30,000 fans to announce their new Facebook look by September 19th and to celebrate will reward those who LIKE US with a FREE bag of JOLLY TIME Popcorn on September 20, 2011."
Don't delay and become a FAN by September 19th & check JOLLY TIME Popcorn Facebook page on September 20th for FREE Popcorn posting. 

Tell your friends to come “Like” us too! 
Failure to reach 30,000 Fans shall offer Fans coupons; 
$1.00 for 20,000 likes, $1.50 for 25,000 likes

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