Oct 29, 2011

Purell Product Review

With cold and flu season in full swing (proof is found at the playground that my daughter and I frequent), it’s a great opportunity to spread knowledge rather than germs!

I am a BzzAgent and was lucky enough to get in on the Purell campaign.  I received 4 Jelly Wrap carriers (in assorted colors- Isabella’s fav is the pink one) with mini bottles of Purell to try out along with a lot of $1 off of one 8oz. or larger Purell Product coupons to give out to people who are interested or that I have buzzed.

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Anyway… I prefer hand washing for 30 seconds often because while I don’t mind the alcohol smell in Purell, I wonder how much moisture I loose by using too often (I fear wrinkles and old lady hands- on myself).  I’ve also heard that people who use hand sanitizers too often are diminishing their bodies natural ability to ward of germs…. myth or fact? I have no idea BUT I try to limit hand sanitizer usage for myself and my fam to outings in public places where we are touching foreign things and we may be unable to wash our hands with soap and water.  Such as:

  • Pushing a grocery cart, even after the ‘rub down’ I give it

  • After touching a restroom door handle (I really wish they were all push/ pull doors)

  • After touching buttons (ATM, elevator, public phone)

  • Touching all the neat-o things at the playground

It also helps me to hear that the CDC recommends hand sanitizers when soap and water aren’t available! <---see! The CDC agrees with me, folks!

Have any questions? Check out Purell’s site HERE AND GRAB one of those $1 off coupons I was buzzing about!

I also highly recommend joining BzzAgent, if you haven’t already!  They offer great opportunities to try products for FREE and sometimes FIRST!  In return, they ask that you tell people about the stuff that you are trying… in an honest way!  I’m so happy I found this company sooner than later!

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